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Actual Day Wedding at Monti Pavilion Singapore

Photography, Videography & Photo Booth: Equarius Photography Make Up Artist: Stella Ang Gowns & Suits: BQueens Florist: Dawn Q Floral Design Hotel Venue: The Fullerton Hotel Singapore Banquet & ROM Venue: Monti Pavilion Singapore

It was a joyous day for Oskar & Gylleann with endless unexpected surprises. Its not like any ordinary actual day wedding where the itinerary start way before the sun is up, instead it started at 12 noon!

It all began at The Fullerton Hotel Singapore and we all know having full gatecrash along hotel corridor is not ideal (expect hotel guests popping their head out asking you to shut up).

We are so amazed by how the two of them from different part of the world get together as one. Seeing Swedish culture blending in Singapore style gatecrash is just unexpected and lots of fun. Finally got a chance to shoot at Monti Pavilion Singapore. Great venue for solemnisation with a wonderful landscape. So happy for both of you!

Solemnisation at Monti Singapore by Equarius Photography
Equarius Photography
Monti Pavilion Singapore
The Fullerton Hotel Singapore
Equarius Photography Solemnization
Equarius Photography ROM
The Fullerton hotel
Actual Day Wedding Singapore
Equarius Photography
Singapore Actual Wedding Day
Equarius Photography
Equarius Photography
酸甜苦辣 (Sour, Sweet, Bitter, Spicy) Equarius Photography
Chinese Tea Ceremony
Singapore Actual Wedding Day
ROM at Monti Singapore
ROM at Monti Singapore
Solemnisation at Monti by Equarius Photography
Equarius Photography
Monti Singapore
Singapore Wedding Banquet Venue
Yam Seng!
Actual Day Wedding Photography
Equarius Photography Photo Booth
Singapore Wedding Videography
Photo Booth Singapore
Singapore Actual Day Wedding Banquet

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